Implant Dentistry

Dental Implants in Decatur, GA

Let us improve your smile by using only the most time-honored techniques. Whether it is replacing a crown, a bridge or a new implant, Daniel Schopp and Associates can restore that winning smile.

Dental Implants

dental-implantsImplants are replacement roots made out of titanium. They are used to anchor individual teeth or may be used to provide retention for full or partial removable dentures.

Implants preserve the bone that normally supports the teeth. This bone is lost when a tooth is lost. Implants are placed into the bone in one visit and generally allowed to heal and integrate (fuse) to the bone.

Several months later, the replacement crown is placed. The patient can function naturally with the new tooth. In special cases the replacement tooth may be placed at the surgery appointment. The entire process involves little or no pain.

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