Preventive Care

Regular Cleanings and Examinations in Decatur, GA

Preventive Dental Care involves regular check-ups and office visits. Many times this involves cleanings and examinations.


preventative-dental-careThe goal of a cleaning is to help you maintain your healthy teeth and gums by cleaning off the tartar that is formed when plaque (or germs) is allowed to stay on the teeth. Tartar remains on the teeth and is rough which makes it harder to clean off more plaque which forms more tartar.

If left untreated, the germs will spread under the gums, and periodontal disease spreads more rapidly. The only cure is to remove the plaque, tartar and germs. Sometimes antibiotics are used and sometimes surgery is required to get to all of the tartar deep under the gums, but in the early stages, a root planning or deep cleaning may be all that is required to stop the progression of the disease.

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teeth-xrayX-Rays are taken every year to detect decay between the teeth. A series of individual or one large x-ray is made of the entire mouth every three to five years to inspect the roots or the teeth and the bones of the upper and lower jaws. We are looking for diseases around the teeth or cancer that may be detected early on an x-ray.

During the examination of the mouth and surrounding areas we are looking for decay, gum disease, or diseases of the head neck or mouth.

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